Power of perfume: does it influence our mood?

That's the million dollar question, right? And, if you could improve your mood, make yourself feel more confident and create a more vibrant version of yourself by simply wearing a cologne or perfume, you would, wouldn't you?

The truth is that fragrances and perfumes are powerful and can trigger deep memories, feelings of calm or anxiety, or even hyperactivity.

Perfumes also affect perceptions, both of those around us and of ourselves. They can influence how you see yourself, and this also has a powerful impact on our mood and psyche. The right mood can help you close a deal, or it can cost you—and the scent you choose plays a prominent role.

If you're a young professional, using the right fragrance can make all the difference to your day and might even influence your career. If you're meeting the woman of your dreams the way you smell just might be the difference between you being the guy of her dreams or her nightmares!

Read on to find out how the power of perfume can change your mood for the better.

Improves Confidence and Self-image

If you're a working professional you likely take pride in your appearance. From a great haircut through to a stylish boot, pant and belt combo, you might have thought you'd covered everything. However, a great perfume can take you from feeling like a Kmart mannequin to a Vogue Menswear feature.

To really get your fragrance to pop, opt for a quality perfume over a cologne. As perfumes contain fragrance at a much higher concentration (20-30% compared to 2-4% in a cologne) you get more bang for buck while having a fragrance crafted from premium ingredients.

If you're not so sure about fragrances, or you're looking to try something new,  a solid perfume allows for a portable way to get a premium fragrance at a fraction of the cost and fuss.

Smelling good, both in and out of the workplace, leaves a lasting impression. You'll like how you smell, which will put you at ease, allowing you to focus on what comes your way.

Your friends, colleagues, family and even that scrunch-bum-leggings girl at the gym will also notice this confidence.

Invigorating Scents

Men's perfumes often contain invorgorating fragrances. These include smells like citrus, pine, cypress, and peppermint. They're there to provide a clean and distinctive profile to your cologne or perfume but can also help to improve concentration and energise you.

Clean, citrusy smells can wake you up, while outdoorsy scents leave you eager to tackle the day.

Invigorating scents give off a feeling of energy and creativity. Not only do you smell it and feel the boost to your mood and productivity, but so do those around you. Peers will associate you with positivity, success, and vitality, which further feeds your own mood.

Relaxing Scents

Sometimes a clear head and a deep breath make all the difference. This is true for the workplace and daily life, and is why aromatherapy is popular—it soothes nerves and improves mental health.

Relaxing scents calm your soul and allow you to let go. They can be a mood changer if the office is getting a little hectic or life is overwhelming. Scents like lavender even help us relax our muscles and get better sleep.

It should come as no surprise that a great many relaxing fragrances come from flowers. Perfume for men still makes use of the calming effects of these plants.

It's common to find jasmine, chamomile, and lavender in many fragrances. Vanilla scents also have a significant impact.

Using relaxing perfumes puts you in an easy and relaxed mood. They allow you to find solace with your day and in yourself, providing a reprieve from the outside world.

Scents to Enhance Focus

The scent you wear can have a huge impact on your levels of concentration and focus. This depends on your personality, mood-state, and individual preferences. While scents like citrus wake you up, not everyone finds them good for sustained focusing.

Everyone is different, so they have different scent needs. Softer, pleasant scents like cinnamon and jasmine are often better for enhancing focus. Strong solo scents like orange or pine can overwhelm people, leading to headaches and a bad mood.

The important thing is to remember that perfume has the power to improve your mood, but only if you make it work for you. For late-night projects requiring unparalleled concentration, a perfume could help you stay focused. Find one that puts you in a productive mood without distracting you, overwhelming you, or putting you to sleep.

Stress Relieving Scents

Floral fragrances help with relaxation. When the pressures of deadlines and expectations start crushing you, perfume can help.

Certain scents like vanilla are calming, but they also give you the mood boost you need to conquer stress. In particular, neroli (the blossom of the bitter orange) is fantastic at this.

The good endorphins our brains produce after smelling neroli can help with fighting anxiety. Some studies have even suggested that neroli can help to steady a rushing heartbeat and regulate blood pressure while promoting a positive emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Exotic fragrances like the ylang-ylang flower also have significant impacts on our mood. It's said the ylang-ylang flower has anti-depressant qualities, and its fruity-ness de-stresses. This flower has a celebrated history in therapeutics and all manner of cosmetics.

The most common option for stress-relieving perfumes are fragrances reminiscent of baked goods. Smell has strong emotional connections to your memory and subconscious. It's no surprise the familiar smell of grandma's cookies improves our mood.

Cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, ginger, and all manner of similar ingredients find their way into perfumes. Such elements, even if only hinted at in a perfume, can have profound mood-altering effects. These comfort food fragrances really are comforting.

The Power of Perfume is a Mood Game Changer

Every working professional should add perfume to their arsenal. It improves your mood both in and out of the office and everything else with it. The power of perfume allows you to find the right headspace for any challenge or situation.

Whether you want to relax, focus, de-stress, or plow through, the choices are endless. At HERCK, our solid perfumes (or colognes as many men like to call them) are crafted especially for professional men. Take our scent-match quiz and find the right perfume to set the mood.

Written by Anna Pearce

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