6 benefits of going solid with your perfume

If you're considering the switch from a liquid fragrance to a solid one, we've covered the six main reasons why solid perfume comes out trumps over liquid cologne. You might even consider us an authority on the topic since we developed HERCK based on all of the things we didn't like about traditional colognes.

While you might be new to the concept of solid fragrances, there's evidence of their manufacturing and use in the form of unguents and ointments by the Roman Empire and as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. While we can only assume that the shift towards alcohol and water-based fragrances was for hygiene and stability reasons, modern science has made solid fragrances hygienic again. Plus, we have six other reasons why you should try solid perfume.

1. Spill Proof

Have you ever accidentally left your eyes or mouth open when spraying your cologne? We've done that before too—not pleasant. Have you ever broken a bottle of cologne by dropping it in your bathroom? Extraordinarily stressful and most likely happened when you were in a rush! What about applying too much cologne? Also nerve-wracking and does not help you to make a great impression.

Having your favourite fragrance in a solid form means that you're never at risk of accidentally ingesting it or getting it in your eyes. If you drop it, it's certainly not going to shatter and leave an unbearably intense residue behind. And, since you apply solid fragrances with your fingertips, you've literally got zero risks of overdoing and ruining your chances with that girl, that job interview, or closing that business deal.

2. Travel Safe

Liquid colognes and perfumes aren't permitted on flights because of their flammable alcohol content. However, even if you could take your favourite liquid fragrance with you on a trip, it hardly seems worth it to lug that fragile glass bottle around with you just to use it half a dozen times. Instead, you've probably either gone without or opted for a cheap supermarket spray for your trip.

Solid perfumes are an eloquent yet straightforward solution.

Solid fragrances are alcohol-free, contain no glass, and are well within the 100g maximum quantity to be permitted on a plane. They're also a convenient in your gym bag, your laptop satchel, or your pocket, giving you the power to apply at any time and anywhere you might want to smell amazing. 

3. Long Lasting

It's interesting that we even need to mention this as the science is quite simple. All quality perfumes, colognes, and scented aftershave products are made from both synthetic and natural perfume essential oils. To get oil to disperse into the water-base, you need to make an emulsion, usually with alcohol. The thing is, once you apply a liquid fragrance to the skin, the water and alcohol quickly evaporate, leaving the perfume oils exposed where they quickly absorb into the skin or evaporate, making the scent fade quickly.

When we were developing HERCK, we knew that pairing perfume essential oils with other oil products would protect the scent and help it stick around for longer. Our solid perfume ingredients consist of vegan (synthetic beeswax), castor oil and jojoba oil, and other elements that protect the perfume oils from evaporating too quickly and help the fragrance to stay put in the top layers of the skin. The best part is that our ingredients also provide the skin with some protective nourishment.

4. Irritant Free

Alcohol is one of the main ingredients in liquid perfumes, colognes, and aftershave products. Yet, alcohol is a known skin irritant, it's very uncomfortable to apply to freshly shaved skin, and some people have reported allergies. While there are some negligible benefits of alcohol-based products reducing skin bacteria that cause infections after shaving and acne, long-term use of these products is also linked to skin dryness and irritation.

On the other hand, our solid perfume formula contains nourishing ingredients that protect sensitive skin from reacting to concentrated perfume oils.

5. 10 X Stronger Than Cologne

This is where we get into the nitty-gritty of the difference between perfume and cologne and how solid and liquid products vary. Quite simply, perfumes contain perfume essential oils at a 20-30% concentration, whether in solid or liquid form. Colognes contain the same perfume oils at around 2-4% concentration. You do the math; you'll get the same result we did!

The beauty of having a solid wax and oil base is that you don't need to apply anywhere near as much to get the same result. It's simply because the solid base helps to preserve the perfume oils and allows them to release more slowly over the day. On the other hand, a liquid containing water and alcohol will evaporate away, leaving the perfume oils exposed to the elements.

6. Stylish Accessory

While there are many solid colognes and a few solid perfumes on the market, they are not all packaged equally. You'll see simple slide packs reminiscent of sardine tins, flip-open dispensers that look like ladies' makeup cases, and our favourite, the solid steel twist-tin with an interchangeable disk.

Whichever one you go for, it's intended to be portable, so the packaging matters! Choose something that you love the look of because you are going to be seen with it. And, if you're like our HERCK customers, you'll probably even have people ask what it is, and be proud to show them your HERCK solid perfume dispenser.

Convinced yet?

HERCK solid perfumes are spill-proof, travel-safe, long-lasting, irritant free, stronger than cologne, and stylish. You'll get a special offer on your first order (if you sign up to our mailing list first), and you're covered by our 30-day moneyback guarantee. Why? We're so sure you'll love it that we can offer you that kind of protection!

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