Inspired by Tom Ford - Oud Wood

HERCK Solid Perfume - Gunmetal Grey Pan - Solid Cologne Australia
HERCK Solid Perfume - Pan - Solid Cologne Australia
HERCK Solid Perfume - Pan - Solid Cologne Australia
HERCK Solid Perfume - Pan - Solid Cologne Australia
HERCK Solid Perfume - Pan - Solid Cologne Australia
HERCK Solid Perfume - Satin-Gold Pan - Solid Cologne Australia
HERCK Solid Perfume - Pan - Solid Cologne Australia


Inspired by Tom Ford - Oud Wood

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Adventurous | Earthy | Invigorating

Synthesis of Pan

Immerse yourself in the wild ways of the mountains, rhythmic music and nymph companionship with Pan by HERCK. Close your eyes and feel invigorated by the gentle aroma of Wood, Herbs and Flowers with a touch of Coffee and Pepper.

Top notes

Herb Seed, Coffee, Pepper

Middle notes

Floral, Incense, Labdanum

Bottom notes

Agarwood (Oud), Birch, Musk (vegan)

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Inspired by Tom Ford - Oud Wood

Make Pan your ritual

Gently rub into facial hair or neck, wrists and inner elbows. Once applied, the fragrance will open up and mature over your day.


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Clean and fresh

I don't really know about colognes but this one is light and clean. Really good for everyday wear and has that crispness that makes a fresh shave feel fresher. I'm having less shaving irritation using this instead of aftershave so that's a bonus.

It's kind of hard

The solid cologne that it is, is a bit hard at first, so you will need to rub it a few times to get a small amount on your fingers. The colder it is, the harder it is. So in warmer climates it will be easier and softer.I am always in search of a good non-offensive scent and this is non-offensive, but I usually move on to other ones and this is what I'll do next time, but not because I don't like it.I would recommend this

Woodsy spicy

Smells great, the smell lasts for good while. It gets stronger as you put it on so careful not to over do it. Smells different when placed on skin or clothes so try both. Overall nice hints of a woodsy, spicy smell. Well done.

Marj M.
Better than I thought it would smell!

Makes my man smells a million bucks!!!

Best travel perfume

I love this smell. Honestly, it's subtle, so I probably over do it. I've taken to jamming my wrists in co workers and friends faces. Only criticism is that, frankly, the packaging is super nice, but the card is overkill. Anyway, the scent is great, super easy to travel with (which is HUGE for those of us that live on the road).

I like the gold

This smell is amazing. I can't give exactl details of the smell but it is masculine. The package itself is nice and gold and the size is slight smaller than my hand but big enough to last for many adventures :) the only think is it seeped a little during shipping. It didn't make a mess, I could just see it when I opened it.

Smells like the woods

This is a great scent because it smells natural and won't be overbearing. I am the type that can't stand cologne's that you can smell from across the room. This one is nice and subtle and smells like you've been out in the woods, not bathing in acetone.

Smells good and lasts

This cologne smells amazing! It’s just the scent I was looking for. Other solid colognes only last 3-4 hours but this one is more like 6-8 hours. The cologne is strong but not overpowering. I expect it will easily last me 4 to 6 months. It’s small and inconspicuous. Perfect for traveling.All in all I’m extremely pleased.

Good product to use again

I had never tried a solid perfume, but since I love fragrance, I thought I would give it a try! All I can say is that I am ultimately happy!!!

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