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Probably the best solid cologne I've tried. Sticks around longer than the others. I really like the packaging, really superior to the other ones I've tried.


I love the scent and the fact that it’s not an alcohol base. For me the fact that it’s an oil makes the scent more pronounce and it sticks with me for a while. It was packaged nicely and shipped quickly and was a great value. I will be buying more in the future.


I purchased for my husband - who is so hard to buy for! The solid formula means it is easy for him to take with him when travelling or working and the packaging feels heavy and premium. He loved the brushed black finish


They smell really good! I were them in the morning to go to work and smell good for most of the day. At work I’ve been noticed and ask as well. Definitely a good buy and gift for anyone who like unique stuff


Absolutely amazing scent and the cost is perfect on sale. I was looking for a muskier manly scented cologne and HERCK hit it on the nail. Many, many, many compliments on the smell. Highly recommended if you want to turn heads.


Couldn’t be more happy to receive this amazing cologne, can’t stop wearing and getting compliments about it. Thank you guys 🙌🏾


I bought this as a gift for my husband and I love they way he smells. They last all day and are not harsh at all. Looking to get a few other fragrances to add to his collection. And he loves the palette design! Highly recommend.


I love this smell. Honestly, it's subtle, so I probably over do it. I've taken to jamming my wrists in co workers and friends faces. Only criticism is that, frankly, the packaging is super nice, but the card is overkill. Anyway, the scent is great, super easy to travel with (which is HUGE for those of us that live on the road).


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We've combined premium components with artisan finesse—it's incredibly simple yet incredibly powerful.