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What up, everybody? I hope y'all doing fantastic today. My name is Ben Skriloff and I hope you enjoyed that first, quick, 30-second promo. It is kind of the precursor to the product that I'm going to be just showing off today and I've been actually using for the past three months. And I got to say, it has been such a joy wearing this cologne.

This is HERCK (I hope I'm saying it right). It's an Australian cologne brand that reached out to me about three-and-a-half months ago, and I've been wearing it for the past few months, and it's been so sick. So I'm going to just open up the boxes with y'all and kind of go through the product. But even the boxes are sick, because they're so sleek, and it comes up like an iPhone case or an iPhone box, where it's like, "Oh, snap, oh, snap."

But this is the product itself. It comes in these little travel cases, and I got to say the craftsmanship ... This just feels so good in your hands. It's a perfect amount of weight. You just feel like, "Wow, a lot of thought went into this." It's a sleek, beautiful design, and I have gotten so many compliments, not only on the smell of the cologne itself, but the actual product in casing.

So basically, the way it works is you open it up like this, and it's almost like a fidget spinner. I will play with this in my pocket. It's so awesome. But this is the actual cologne itself. So it comes in these little cologne pods, and you basically just wipe your finger through it, and you apply it on your inner neck or your wrists or wherever you want to apply the cologne. And they're doing something right, because usually, when you have spray-on cologne, it fades away and fades off very quickly. But with the paste, it stays. It stays throughout the entire day. I only have to apply this once throughout the entire day, and I smell good, without any question.

And what's even cooler is that these pods, these cologne pods... I'm going to just take it out. These last so long. You get the bang for your buck. I've been using this one. This is a scent that I really enjoyed, this one right here, and I've barely made a dent in it, and I've been using it for three months, every day. And it smells so good, lasts so long. And dude, HERCK is doing something right, because they have applied the pros and cons, and they've sorted through them, and then they've created this product.

And what's even cooler is with each one of these pods that you purchase, I think it's like four... Hold on, let me pull up my phone real quick. Hold on one second. All right, so check this out. Check this out. Okay, so with each purchase of one of these pods, four kilograms of ocean plastic, equivalent to 322 bottles of plastic waste is recovered on your behalf. So not only is this brand doing something right when it comes to their product and just the craftsmanship in it, but they're making an environmental impact, which is so cool to stand by a brand that does that.

And dude, I got to say: HERCK, thank you so much for everything you guys have poured into this brand. It shows 100% and I've been grateful to be using it for the past three months. And I can't wait to continue to do more with y'all in the future. But yeah, thank you so much for this, and I look forward to whatever you guys achieve in the next couple of years.

Yeah, but thank you guys so much for viewing the video. I appreciate you taking your time. Like, subscribe, the whole nine yards. You know what to do. Oh, yeah, and have a freaking dope, blessed day. Talk to y'all later. Peace.

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