Inspired by Dolce Gabbana - Light Blue

HERCK Refill - Dionysus - Solid Cologne Australia


Inspired by Dolce Gabbana - Light Blue

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Gracious | Theatrical | Polished

Synthesis of Dionysus

Dionysus by HERCK takes inspiration from the god of wine, festivity and theatre with a bouquet of Fruits, white flowers, Cedar and Musk. Crafted for the gracious host, the entertainer, and purveyor of fine wines.

Top notes

Lemon, Apple, Bellflower

Middle notes

Bamboo, Jasmine, Rose

Bottom notes

Cedar, Musk (vegan), Amber

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Inspired by Dolce Gabbana - Light Blue

Make Dionysus your ritual

Gently rub into facial hair or neck, wrists and inner elbows. Once applied, the fragrance will open up and mature over your day.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Lachlan W.
Best cologne ever

Easy to use, smells really good and such a wide variety of different smells.


Bought a pack of 3s.

Loved Dionysus...
The rest, nah. But scents are individuality, so do try them out too.

So lovely ❤️

I ordered Herck for my partner a while back and then came and tried to unisex ones myself. Truly stunning! Went with the gold (so blingy) and a set of Eros, Pan and Dionysus.

So fruity!

This is really very fruity and not what I expected - but I do love it! It's really uplifting.


Beleive the hype! It's exactly as advertised.

A bit sweet

Bought the Dyonisus one was a bit skeptical about it because it smelled sweet. I'll be honest I'm not really much of an attractive guy, but when I had this on. Women were just smiling and saying "hello how are you" kind of stuff to me. Was bit caught off guard, so yeah this stuff works to attract women.

The freebies are the best

I initially used the Zeus, which I got a lot of compliments for. They put a free Dionysus in the box for me to try. At first I thought it was kinda sweet, but I've had two women threaten to steal my dispenser, so I might need to buy more soon

I'll order again

Excelent scent, very sexy, i wear it all time, sometimes I used alone and others times mixed with one of my perfume that doesn't mean it need to be mixed. The pocket pack looks just like the pictures and is kind of heavy in a good way. i'll order again.

Shelley A.
You need these :)

Amazing product. Purchased as a gift to the husband. It is kind of sweet and woodsy and lasts all day. Will be buying again. The whole presentation is amazing and they put an extra scent in as a gift which is also great! Curious about the other scents now.

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